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Providing personal training services in homes, businesses and select gyms in Edmonton and area since 1998.

Where do we work?         

Personal Training:

Our Edmonton personal trainers have been based out of the Terrace Fitness and Racquet Club within The Radisson Hotel Edmonton South since 1998. Since we began, we have been personal training people out of our home club as well as working with people in their homes and businesses throughout Edmonton, Sherwood Park,  The City of Edmonton facilities and County of Strathcona (Millennium Place and Glen Allen Recreation Centre) facilities. Fit 'N' Well has also been managing the Scotia Place Fitness Centre since its inception in September, 2001. In August of 2012 we opened the EPCOR Tower Fitness Centre as well, so we have been enjoying our new location. If you are an EPCOR Tower tenant, check out your gym. You'll love it!


Are one hour personal training sessions too long for you? Would half an hour work better for you? You may be looking for Power Half Hour personal training sessions! To learn more, click here.


How can our personal trainers help you?

We mostly work with the general public; helping people achieve their fitness goals in a fun and healthy manner.

We specialize in weight loss, but can help seniors regain most of the strength and vitality from their youth. We also work with young people; teaching them how to enjoy exercise. We can help you whether your goal is to get into the RCMP, Edmonton Police Service, Edmonton Fire Rescue, compete at a higher sporting level or climb a mountain. Since 1998, our male and female personal fitness trainers have helped people with virtually any fitness goal that you can imagine! Visit us here or click on philosophies from the menu to read about our fitness values.

We also speak at corporate functions and design corporate wellness programs for corporations. Whether you have 10 people or 400 people, we have just the fitness talk or program to accommodate to your demographic.

Contact us for a free consultation today.

Health Screening...

At Fit 'N' Well, we are very serious about health and prevention of disease. If you are interested in the state of your health, we refer people to Dominion Health Centres. The Living Well Executive Health Examination™ is a comprehensive, annual health examination, designed to assist in the detection of cardiovascular diseases; colorectal, breast, prostate and lung cancers; kidney, liver and thyroid disorders; diabetes; cholesterol irregularities; hearing and vision problems; anemia and more – hopefully before these conditions become life-altering.  The Living Well Executive Health Examination™ can offer you the peace-of-mind that comes from either knowing everything is OK or at least knowing what is wrong and how it can be remedied.

Who are we?

We have male and female fitness trainers each with different strengths and backgrounds.


Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities


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